About Virtual Services Solution
Virtual Services Solution, Inc. has been in business as a virtual service center since 2004. Our company's goal is to assist as many people as possible, with the potential of experiencing a life changing opportunity. As the economy continues to fluctuate between jobs and no jobs, virtual service companies continue to grow and strive. You can work from where you want, for as many hours as you want, from any location and for multiple companies. Compensation is based on performance, with top performers being recognized for their hard work by earning the highest compensation. From stay at home moms, bounce back retirees and college students and military spouses seeking jobs around their busy schedule what could be better. We know that by being a military spouse it can be very hard moving from one location to another, as well as  maintaining a career. Now military families can move to new locations and take their job along with them. Giving them the comfort and ease of moving to their new location, setting up their home office once again and getting to work.
As an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and CSP within the Arise Network,  I have serviced several different companies over the years.  Most recently servicing the largest theme park in Orlando! Having the ability to work from home, work the hours I want to work, and have the time I need for my family has been fantastic.  I have loved working as a CSP and  servicing different clients. I wanted to make this opportunity available to others.  So take a look around and complete the online application and we will contact you about the opportunities available.

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