Q:Who is your partner Arise Virtual Solutions?
A. Arise is a US based company, that provides our CSPs with the certified training courses to provide customer service, sales and tech support to our clients contracted opportunities. with round-the-clock customer service, sales or technical support from over 25,000 certified Client Support Professionals (CSPs) within the Arise Network of Independent Businesses. In short, Arise offers you the opportunity to be your own boss, work your own hours, and service Virtual Services Solution Contracts. Upon certification through Arise, Virtual Services Solutioncontracts with you to work from home with the client of your choice.
CSPs, and Independent Businesses, WORK FROM HOME and earn from $9.00-$14.00 minimum an hour plus metric incentives and bonuses, depending on which clients they service. As a CSP, you set your own schedule, choose your own client opportunities, and start earning revenue in as little as 30 days!
The best part is that Arise will not only provide you with the live training, but also supports you with the tools and services you need.  Arise has a robust network to assist you in fixing technical or logistical issues pertaining to the customer service, sales or tech support you provide.

Q. Who is Eligible?

Prospective Client Support Professionals:
  1. Must be a US citizen
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age
  3. Must not have a criminal record
  4. Must not reside in the following states: Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Connecticut, Oregon and New York (Arise has made the decision to not support the provision of services from these states)

Q:How does Virtual Services Solution  and  Arise Virtual Solutions’ affiliation work?
A.Virtual Services Solution is an independent business owner (IBO) within the Arise Network of independent businesses.  After completion of CSP 101, the Client Support Professional will join an existing corporation affiliated with the Arise Network by joining Virtual Services Solution.  Client Support Professionals will be allowed to view available client opportunities after CSP 101 and are encouraged to express interest in a client within 14 days of joining the corporation.
Q. Do I need to form a new incorporated entity?

A. No. By joining Virtual Services Solution you are qualified to work under our formed Corporation.

Q. How much can I make?

A: Your pay is determined by the client you choose to service but could range from $9-$14 per hour, sometimes more. This is referred to as the "per hour guarantee" or the "alternate pay rate."  Some clients offer you a "per phone transaction" or "per call" rate of pay, which could substantially increase your earnings, depending on how many calls you take in an hour.  You will be compensated based on the greater of the "per call" rate or the "alternate pay rate."  Ultimately, the more calls you take, the more money you make!  There are also some clients who offer performance based bonuses and certification bonuses to help you earn more money and keep you motivated!

Q. How and when will I be paid once I am client certified?

Virtual Services Solution deposits service revenue into each Client Support Professional's account on a bi-monthly basis according to the Arise pay calendar. The service revenue dates are:
  • Service provided from the 1st to the 15th of each month will be invoiced on the 23rd and deposited into your account by the 24th of that month
  • Services provided from the 16th to the last day of the month will be invoiced on the 8th of the following month and deposited into your account by the 9th of that month

Q:Why does Virtual Services Solution take a percentage of my invoice fees?

A: Virtual Services Solution (VSS) takes $20.00 per pay period of the CSP's invoice amount to pay for required administrative fees and to pay Virtual Services Solution employees for the services they provide.

Q:Why does training or signing up cost money?

A:Certification programs cost vary from $50.00 to $280.00.  Virtual Services Solution does not get any % or part of these fees.  You would pay them if you contracted directly with Arise as an incorporated business and would also incur the cost of Incorporation.  Arise charges a fee each pay period (2 times per month) of $19.75. This fee is for the technical support they provide and the backend structure that allows you to log in to the clients system and receive calls on your home phone. Virtual Services Solutions invoice fee of $20.00(2 times per month) is not deducted until after the technical support fee is deducted by Arise.  


Q. What is the approximate total investment for the admissions process?
1. National Background Check Fee-Conducted by US Information Search ($12.95 in NC)
2. Client certification programs range from $30 to $280 and are payable to Arise.
Many of the client opportunities are comprised of a deferred payment plan, whereby a portion of the certification program is paid after successfully completing the course.  All prices and fees quoted are subject to change. Some may vary by state or vendor.

Q:Will you hire me as an employee or independent contractor?

A: All agents with Virtual Services Solution are hired on as Independent Contractors. This means no taxes will be taken out, and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. 

Q:What does an at home Customer Service Professional do?

A:  Customer Service Professionals take inbound calls for various clients.  We potentially offer customer service, tech support and sales positions to all of our new independent contractors. 

Q:How do I train for this position?

A:  Training is done through Blackboard and is virtual, class is scheduled Monday through Friday. You must attend every day of this live class and participate when required.  Virtual Services Solution Partners with Arise Virtual Solutions who handles all of our training needs.  

Q:How long before I can start servicing clients?
A: Once you have completed all the admissions steps, your next step will be to enroll in a client certification course of your choice. Our courses may take between 2-10 weeks in training depending on the client selected.
Q. Will I receive any bonuses with this position?
A. Yes, clients often have performance bonuses, incentives, as well as contests and drawings that are awarded to Client Support Professionals.  CSP's will find out more information after successfully becoming client certified. 

Q:Do I get paid while participating in client certification courses? 

A: No. You do not get paid while taking client certification courses. 


What do I need in order to be an at home Customer Service Professional?

A:  Virtual Services Solution requires you to maintain:

  • Quiet office space located in your home.
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) with at least an 18" a screen.
  • Windows 7,8 or 10(varies for each client)- Mac only for certain client
  • High Speed Internet (DSL or Cable)  No WiFi or dial up permitted
  • A separate land line telephone dedicated to receiving Arise incoming calls. This line cannot be used for any other incoming or outgoing personal calls.There may be certain company's that do not require you to have a land line, please review all details when selecting vendors. You will dial into a number in Florida that is not a toll free number so you need to have unlimited long distance on your phone line.
  • VOIP Headset for taking training class and a dialpad and headset for taking client calls. Go here to get a combo set that will do both--http://hplc.calloneinc.com/arise/index.cfm

What type of schedules are available?

A:  Currently our Independent contractors are able to choose their own hours building their own schedules.  This is what makes us unique to other at home companies.  The ability to work around your schedule is key to us being able to provide you the flexibility and freedom to work from home!  Most of our clients require you to work a minimum of 15-20 hours a week, however they offer the ability to pick up additional hours.  Agents have the opportunity to create a full time schedule if desired.

Do I have to work on weekends?

A: Most of the company's do require a minimum of 5 hours to be serviced during the weekend. This depends on the company. Before applying please review the details.

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